Bass Lessons Online

Bass Guitar Lessons

We have developed a Fun and Engaging way to Teach You to Play  Bass Guitar.

Under the guidance of Craig ” Rosie” Rosevear  former Drummer of Aussie Rock Legends, The Screaming Jets, You  can be sure that you are on the right track.

School of Rock Newcastle offer  Bass Guitar Lessons for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced musicians.

Our Bass Guitar Teachers  use THE SONG AS A LESSON: -This provides students with clear goals and great motivation to practice. Important  musical  techniques are incorporated into  the song rather being taught  in isolation giving lessons more relevance to real life.

Our Interactive Method

  • Why Learn a Pentatonic Scale  on itโ€™s own  when you can transform it into a Guitar Solo  to play in one of your favourite Rock Songs ?
  • Students will then have the opportunity to perform their Song with a band, interacting with other Young Musicians just like them.
  • Our purpose built JAM ROOM comes complete with Full Backline, P.A & Lights. Here students will be mentored by their teachers about playing their instrument performing  in a band.
  • Parents and friends are invited to attend and experience their kidโ€™s progression. [google42534826b1acf377.html]

Learn to Play  Bass Guitar  The Rosieโ€™s Way and Experience

Performance techniques

Being Confident In Front of an Audience

Scales- Pentatonic, Major & Minor

Music Reading & Writing


How to Play with a Click Track/Metronome

Tuning &  Setup

Finger,Pick & Slap Techniques


Performing with a Band