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Breaking News: Future Rockstar

We have some BIG NEWS to culminate with the  end of year Future Rockstar  celebrations. Earlier this year school founder Craig 'Rosie" Rosevear travelled to the USA  to explore future relationships for Future Rockstar students.   Rosie was partiularly interested in securing representation for the original songs that Stage 2 & 3 bands were composing particularly in Film...
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Come See Future Rockstar Showcase this Saturday 16th Dec

Future Rockstar  is a  band mentoring   program which partners  with the  Music Industry  to provide Career Pathways to  the next generation. Students are afforded the valuable opportunity to connect with key players  in the Music Industry such  as agents,managers, media organisations,educational providers and studios.

The culmination of this exciting year will be the SHOWCASE at...

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View Photos from ROCK ON 2017 here

Creating Confidence through Music is "What We Do" at Rosie's School of Rock and with over 30 years as a professional musician and teacher I can assure you that there is no better way to inspire,motivate & develop young musicians than with live performances or 'gigs' We offer students our students plenty of opportunities to perform and...
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ROCKSCHOOL UK partners with Rosie’s School of Rock to provide AMEB Exams & Syllabuses


In a  great development for  students  Rosie’s School of Rock  will now partner with ROCKSCHOOL UK to provide A.M.E.B Exams & Syllabuses. Based in the UK Rockschool is a vibrant, contemporary music program of exams and qualifications for guitar, bass, drums, vocals, piano, band-based keyboards and music technology . Recently the...
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This Sunday !! ROCK ON. End of Year Gig

Creating Confidence through Music is What We Do at Rosie’s School of Rock and this Sunday 3rd December the annual ‘Rock On” gig will see hundreds of young musicians taking to the stage , many for the first time. “I’ve been a professional musician and teacher  for over 25 years and without doubt the best way to create confidence is...
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Bring A Buddy to Your Lesson Monday 4th to Friday 8th December

Under the guidance of former Screaming Jet  Craig ‘Rosie” Rosevear, Rosie’s School of Rock is a performance based music  school in Newcastle best known for producing great young bands and musicians. From Monday 4th  to Friday 8th December students of Rosie's School of Rock are invited to bring a friend along to their lesson and you will...
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