Rock On Band


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ROCKERS: (Vocals,Guitar,Drums,Piano) $36.50 per lesson

CLASSIC ROCKERS: (Vocals,Guitar,Drums,Piano) $36.50 per lesson

ROCK DIVAS: $19.00 per lesson

LITTLE ROCKERS: $19.00 per lesson

MINI ROCKERS: $11.00 per lesson

GROUP GUITAR: $11.00 per lesson


Stage 1: $33 per week. 

Stage 2: $36 per week

Stage 3: $39 per week

Payment Methods:

  • We accept Cash, Eftpos, Major Credit Cards and Direct Deposit
  • Fees are paid by the Term prior to commencement of lessons.
  • All lessons require a $50 Bond (refundable if 2 weeks notice is provided before cancelling)
  • A $35 Registration fee is required upon enrolment.

Direct Deposit Details:

Name: Rosie’s School of Rock

Account # 981541209

BSB # 650300

Reference: Student’s Name

Please print receipt and bring into the girls at the front desk

Our Policy

Rescheduling Private Lessons:


1. To reschedule a lesson requires 48 hrs Notice directly to the Admin dept at Rosieโ€™s School of Rock either in person, phone or email . Failure to comply will result in  non  rescheduling of the lesson.

2. A make up lesson will be offered at a time which is suitable for both the student and the teacher and must be taken within that term.

3. Please note that rescheduling cannot always be guaranteed. Where it is not

possible, a refund will NOT be given and that lesson will NOT be carried over to the next term.

* N.B: Group Lessons cannot be rescheduled


1. Fees are to be paid in full for each term before the commencement of  the 2nd lesson. Failure to comply will result in a friendly reminder,further neglect will see payment pursued by a Debt Collection Agency incurring extra fees (approximately 35% will be added plus GST).

2. Registration Fee: All new enrolments will pay a one off Non – Refundable

registration Fee of $35.



1. A $50 Fully Refundable BOND must be paid upfront for each program  enrolled in. (This will be rolled over each term.)


Withdrawal from Lessons:

1. Withdrawal from lessons requires  at least 2 weeks notice before the start of a new term (or by the last day of a current term) to enable you to have your Bond fully

refunded. One  weeks notice  will result in loss of  50% of  Bond, no notice results in 100% loss of Bond


Commitment to a Full Term:

1. By enrolling your  child in PRIVATE LESSONS You are committing to a Full term of lessons. You will NOT receive a refund for any lessons if you  decide to withdraw after the initial 2 week cooling off period.



Unless notified in writing,Rosieโ€™s School of Rock will use  photos / images, video, music and voice recordings of students  for promotional use.


Loss or Damage:

You are responsible for the repair or replacement costs if your child breaks or damages any equipment.


RSOR T.Shirt:

Is required to be worn for all performances for ease of identification of students by Crew  &  their associated duty of care.