Classic Rockers_Music Lessons Newcastle


The very popular Rosie’s School of Rock Interactive Teaching Method is not just Kids.

Now potential Rockers who may be a bit more “Classic” in Years have the opportunity to Learn and Jam together with people their Own Age.

” I’d always wanted to play in a band  but didn’t  really know how to go about it all. Classic Rockers was really good cos I had a bunch of cool people to jam with and my teacher Jordan helped me a lot. My first gig was a blast “

Bill  (aged 56)


Classic Rockers  provides Singing Lessons,Guitar LessonsBass LessonsPiano/ Keyboard Lessons & Drum Lessons with a blend of private instrument lessons and mentored band rehearsals.

Focusing on Classic Rock you will be guided through all the steps required to get you Playing Live in Front of a Real Live Audience.

You will be placed with other musicians of a similar level….we do it all including organising the gigs.

All levels are catered for,whether you’re a total beginner or you’ve played before and just need to “chip the rust off” we have a place for you.

Classes take place Monday & Tuesday Nights . We have gigs lined up so don’t delay !!