Rock Divas


Singing Lesons Newcastle

Increase Confidence and Make Friends

Rock Divas is an Online Learn to Sing Program  that focuses on performing Pop Songs with Group Vocal  & Choreography.


  • Rock Divas provides a perfect opportunity for Girls who may be a bit shy to increase their confidence by singing in a group.Your Voice provides part of an ensemble.
  • Perfect if you are looking for a refreshing change away from Traditional Dance Schools.
  • Wear Want You Want-No Expensive Outfits
  • Emphasis on Fun Friendship
  • Parents get to Watch-Our Purpose built Studio comes with clear viewing doors……Weโ€™re proud of how we interact with your Kids


    • Coaching by Professional Female Performers
    • Vocal Pop Format
    • Wireless Mikes & Choreography
    • Friendly Positive Environment
    • Focus On Creating Confidence